New Millennium Tarot Project
photo-digital illustration by Lee Varis
The New Millennium Tarot is conceived as a bridge between the esoteric knowledge of past ages to the new Aquarian age of enlightenment we are now entering. The advent of the computer has provided new tools for the expansion of human awareness and these tools provide a way to re-imagine the Tarot for the modern, quantum conscious, multimedia inspired, cyberculture. This New Millennium Tarot uses the latest computer imaging techniques combining digital photography, illustration and 3D rendering to create a repository of knowledge about the human condition encoded in multilevel symbolic imagery. The flexibility of digital imagery allows the Tarot “deck” to be re-purposed into various different formats: web based and multimedia, interactive kiosks and video as well as print media like large format posters and a traditional card deck. The Internet, in particular offers many ways to expand the Tarot deck with hyperlinks from each imbedded symbol leading to a wealth of additional resources for the understanding of the imagery. As more dimensions of reality are translated into binary code and the kaleidoscopic knowledge space of the Internet, the need arises for new maps to navigate the rapidly expanding pathways of the mind. The Tarot has always been a model of our internal representational matrix of reality. By updating this model to incorporate new technologies the New Millennium Tarot aims to be the new map to the territory of the new mind.

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